Donor Dads 

 Mr Reg Green & and Mr Ismail Khatib, two of the world’s most famous organ donor fathers  joined forces in Canada on a humanitarian mission to boost our low rates of organ & and tissue donations.
The campaign, from October 28 to November 8,  included visits to Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa & and; Shawanaga, a First Nation Community.

About Ismail Khatib
One of the men is Ismail Khatib, a Palestinian, whose 12-year-old son, Ahmed, was shot in 2005 by an Israeli soldier who thought he had a gun. It turned out to be a toy gun. The Khatib family donated the boy’s organs to 5 Israelis children. Mr Khatib opened Cinema Jenin, a charitable center for kids under Ahmed’s memory and went on to become a world ambassador promoting organ & tissue donations. An award winning film documentary; Heart Of Jenin followed the Khatibi for a few years, and included the Khatibi visits to the recipients of Ahmed's Gifts in Israel 

About Reg Green
The other father is Reg Green, who lives in Los Angeles and whose seven-year-old son, Nicholas, was shot by men in southern Italy in an attempted robbery as the Green family drove along the main highway towards Sicily. Nicholas’ organs and corneas went to seven Italians, four of them teenagers. Since then organ donation rates in Italy have quadrupled, so that thousands of people are alive who would have died. Maggie Green, the mother, when asked by a reporter, what she would tell the killers, replied “When they see what they have done, I hope they will turn away from this kind of life.”  Famed Italian TV host Maurizio Costanza, said “Today we learned a lesson in civility.” The Hollywood film Nicholas' Gift based the Green Family tragedy; won praise around the world, and became the first genre to approach this subject.

Together these 2 fathers carried the famous Torch Of Life, which was blessed By Pope John Paul. His Holiness received the Torch on September 5, 2001, at St Peter's Square in front of 100,000 people from liver recipient, George Marcello, who walked over 12,000 km across Canada to thank his anonymous donor. The Torch Of Life honours the organ & tissue donor.

Mr Green & and Mr Khatib carried the Torch together to many functions & and communities representing the best in humanity. Videos & pictures show when they first met by Skype on Oct 6, 2011 to their final event at Shawanaga First Nation community on November 7, 2011

Khaled's role in the Donor Dads, was first of all, being a great son and great member of our Step By Step team. He helped with many tasks & chores during the 12 day campaign. Mostly helping out by carrying the banners and being in charge of the Torch of Life. He became a quick learner and this helped him prepare for the next campaign Register Now Ontario. In the Donor Dads, a True Canadian was being born and his name is Khaled Khatib.   

Donor Dads ....April - November 2011
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 Donor Dads ....April - November 2011

Donor Dads-Oct 6-Nov 10 2011

Rick Hanson asked Mr Khatib & Mr Green to join him

celebrating Wheels In Motion 25th anniversary -November 5, 2011 Dundas Square Toronto

Mr Khatib has his hand over his mouth, Mr Green is behind him