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During & after the Donor Dads, big preparations were being made for Khaled and his role as the central character for Step By Step's 8th Campaign Register Now Ontario. As mentioned earlier, since 1997 George led the charge with Step By Step to create an Organ Donation Registry. Finally in 2011, after many battles the Province of Ontario through MPP Frank Klees created the Registry. They created the website for Ontarians. It takes about 2 minutes using your OHIP information and you become a registered organ donor. So now the most important task was to promote the newly created Registry and improve the rate of donations and increase the number of lives that could be saved. George asked Khaled in early November if he would volunteer and his role was explained to him. He enthusiastically said yes, when he was asked to bring the Torch to 72 cities & towns in Ontario, and speak to thousands of students every day and engage in daily press conferences. What would seem as an impossible task for others, actually came surprisingly natural for Khaled, as if he was meant to do this, and now was the time. He really did not know any English, but he did know how to say, “I love Canada eh.” 

His first task was a radio interview in early January 2012, and without any training whatsoever, Khaled along with an Arab interpreter spoke and answered the questions from his heart. It was like throwing a baby into water to find out if it can swim, and Khaled was just simply amazing and inspiring. 

His second task in Mid January 2012, was to meet an actual person that was waiting for an organ transplant. George & Khaled with his Arab interpreter met Hélène Campbell   She was young like Khaled and she needed a lung transplant. They instantly became best friends, and Khaled announced at our Pre Kickoff Press Conference that he was carrying the Torch Of Life for her throughout the 5 months campaign, and when he finished on June 19, 2012, he expected that she would receive her transplant & join him carrying the Torch to the finish line. Helene went on to become world famous by attracting Justin Bieber and appearing on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

His third task was meeting MP Harold Albrecht, and agreeing to carry the Torch in memory of his wife Betty who died recently and her organs were donated.

His fourth task was meeting Mr. Mendel Green, an immigration lawyer whose kindness & wisdom created a great relationship with each other. Mr Green became a fatherly figure for Khaled and as such Khaled kept him updated on all his activities. We are all praying & hoping the day comes soon, when Khaled receives his Permanent Citizen. It will be probably the important & emotional time of his, having a chance to reflect on this 5 year journey and all the people that played a role. 

On February 1 2012, Khaled began his historic journey in Kenora Ontario, with 5 months & 71 more cities & towns to go. Canadians began having a love affair with Khaled, this young, handsome, & charming champion. He shared his story every day, sometimes 4 or 5 times a day. He never showed any signs un wiliness, and continued the campaign by encouraging all of us with his positive attitude and amazing wisdom.

The rest of the world was watching us “LIVE” as we web casted it every day & this story was unfolding in many media outlets throughout the globe. Thousands of people around the world were very inspired & thanking us directly, in a genuine manner. Included in one of the emails was a beautiful letter from Marsha Gladstone. She expressed her admiration for the Khatib family & the Torch Of Life and shared her story with me. Her son was, Yoni, a Scottish Israeli Medical student who was riding on a bus in Tel Aviv, Israel. A Palestinian Suicide Bomber blew himself up, killing Yoni & others. Marsha rushed to Israel and together with her family donated Yoni’s organ & his kidney went to a young Palestinian Girl. George had an opportunity to discuss some exciting plans with Ms Gladstone

George invited Ms Gladstone and her daughter Yael, who was Khaled's age to Canada on June 17 2012. On Khaled's final day in Toronto, on June 19, 2012 he started walking from North West Toronto and walked to Toronto City Hall, where Yael and her mom were waiting. The campaign team was a little discouraged that there was minimal media outlets waiting at City Hall, because what was about to take place should have attracted world coverage. Khaled first met Yael & presented her with a Teddy Bear to celebrate her birthday, and then together they carried the Torch Of Life to the finish line a few kilometres away at Queen's Park. This was historical and WORLD HOPE in action. As they carried the Torch,  Helene was waiting near the finish line as making Khaled's prediction come true. She received her gift in April and joined Khaled & Yael in carrying the Torch to the finish line.

People around the world have the opportunity to all videos from Kenora to Toronto, along with over a thousand pictures highlighting every day.  See first hand this amazing journey by simply clicking the player below and witness all the incredible accomplishments made by this True Canadian Hero Khaled Khatib.

How Register Now Ontario was created 


Register Now Ontario (THE CAMPAIGN) 

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Register Now Ontario

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Final Day in Toronto Agenda
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