Ahmed's 10 Year Memory

Khaled began talking about Ahmed's 10 year anniversary since he died for the past year. He was really looking forward to meeting his family in Canada and working together to help Canada and spend intimate family time. We had organized an 10 day campaign to pay tribute to Ahmed's 10 year mark, and give an excellent opportunity to save more lives. Sadly the family were refused a vistor's VISA. We heard that the Canadian Embassy in Jordan were concerned about the kids staying in Canada. This was very upsetting to myself and of course Khaled, for nothing could be further from the truth. This family has been an excellent Role Model for the world, and so I also felt some embarrassment for this action. The family reacted first class and didn't really stayed quiet. I on the other hand felt that we owe an apology to this incredible family. I was starting to make plans to go to Israel & Palestine. Khaled's composure was the composure of a True Canadian Hero Khaled Khatib

Queen's Park Press Conference  
October 13 2015 




Global TV Story
October 15 2015