Khaled Khatib

A True Canadian Hero

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 Palestinian & Israeli Families Carrying the Torch Of Life along the Falls

In Memory of Ahmed Khatib & Yoni Jesner

A historic afternoon at Niagara Falls - June 21 2012 

 Khaled & Step By Step team meet PM Harper & his lovely wife Laureen

In Parliament Hill - March 10 2015

Khaled's Story

Khaled Khatib was born October 10, 1991 in Jenin, Palestine, which is in the West Bank. He grew up very poor with his 3 brothers and 2 sisters and his Mother & Father. Khaled was a bright boy growing up in the rough conditions of his homeland and among some of his curiosities was learning to play the violin. You can say he grew up as normal as can be expected despite the conditions and then something happened that changed his & his family's life and you could add something that changed the rest of world.

On November 3, 2005, Khaled's 11 year old brother Ahmed went out to the local variety store during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. On his way back he was shot by an IDF Soldier who stated that he thought Ahmed was carrying a gun. "It was an accident, claimed the soldier." Frantically after the family heard the news, they brought Ahmed to Rambam Hospital in Haifa Israel. Ahmed was shot severely and left on Life Saving machines to stay alive. At this time, many Media outlets were gathering at the Khatib home and the hospital or wherever the family would be found.

On November 5, 2005, the Khatib family came to a soul searching decision. After finding out that kids in Israel were desperately waiting for organs, they decided to pull the plug and donate Ahmed's organs to these needy kids. They said it didn't matter who were receiving these organs, "Kids are Kids". 

Media outlets throughout the world responded with admiration to the story, including, Celebrities, well known Government Officials and the Government of Israel offering a sincere apology.

Mr Ismail Khatib, Khaled's father continued to promote organ and tissue donations throughout most of the world and became an unofficial Global Ambassador. The award acclaimed Film Documentary, The Heart Of Jenin, followed the family for a few years.

When this amazing story happened, many people around the world heard and were inspired by the story, including Canadian & Organ Advocate George Marcello. In 2005, shortly after the tragedy, the CEO and the Founder of the charity Step By Step, wanted to bring his famous Torch Of Life to Palestine to honour this incredible family and was left only dreaming about it. George, himself a liver transplant recipient walked, 12,000 kilometres across Canada shortly after receiving his gift in 1995. Along the way he passed the Torch to millions of people to honour the Organ & Tissue Donor & the families, and one of his biggest admirers was Pope John Paul 2. On September 5, 2001, the Pope blessed the Torch at Vatican City in front of a hundred thousand people and hundreds of media outlets. The Pope proclaimed that organ and tissue donations was a genuine act of love and wisely encouraged the youth to carry the Torch. From 2003 to this day, thousands of kids were selected to carry the Torch, in their respective communities, including the amazing Kristopher Knowles, who in 2004, carried the Torch on a 200 city/town cross Canada tour while himself waiting for a liver transplant.

In 2011 George's dream became a reality. Destiny had found its way though a young Afghan Canadian University student, Shaheem Joya. Shaheem became the conduit to a series of incredible events which led George into organizing the invitation of Mr. Ismail Khatibi and his 20 year old son Khaled Khatib to Canada. George constructed Step By Step's 8th Campaign called the Donor Dads and included another world famous Organ Donor, Mr. Reg Green. In September, 1994, Reg's 7 year old son was mistakenly killed in Italy during a family vacation by 2 idiot gangsters. Reg joined his wife in donating his son's organs to 6 Italians. Nicholas' Gift, the Hollywood Film & Reg's worldwide tours has had a huge impact promoting organ & tissue donations and is considered by many, a pioneer in this area.

So the incredible Canadian legacy of Khaled Khatib starts when he arrived with his Dad, at Toronto's Pearson's Airport on October 31, 2011, to begin the 12 day campaign called the Donor Dads. Khaled's first words upon arriving was "I love Canada EH!" During the 12 days it felt like an Epiphany, as George wholeheartedly agreed to Mr Ismail Khatib's request of looking after Khaled in Canada. During this time, the Ontario Organ Donor Registry was finally created. George had fought very hard the in the last 10 years to have this created, and he had the perfect person that was volunteering to help promote the new Registry and was willing to go to any lengths, his name was Khaled Khatib.

The term Canadian Hero is not used lightly, when applied to Khaled. We wanted to prove & show you in action, and not by just mere words, why he deserves this title.  We created this website so everyone throughout the world can witness a what a True Canadian Hero is, and his name is Khaled Khatib. We created 10 pages for each of his amazing campaigns, which includes in one campaign carrying the Torch of Life to 72 cities/towns, and in another campaign, walking 500 kilometres in the freezing cold month of February while suffering with Pneumonia. He wanted to help find a Live Kidney donor for his new friend Anthony Socci. And lets not forget, that Khaled, besides saying I love Canada EH, did not know a word of english, when he started his first gig talking to a thousand students in Kenora Ontario.

It's been a wonderful combination of our Canadian Values, his Muslim's religion and his Dad's values that has enabled his message & actions to be consistent for the past 5 years. His mission has been not just to promote the importance of organ & tissue donations but to pray that the world find a way to live with each other in Peace & Respect. He believes through organ & tissue donations, barriers can be broken and we can become closer.

His message and action has enabled him to become a much needed and desired Role Model for the youth not only in Canada, but around the world, and especially for the youth that have a similar backgrounds as Khaled, Middle Eastern, Arabic & Muslim. He is only 25 and only God knows how much more he can contribute to Canada & the world, especially during a time when Canada and the world really, really need people like Khaled to make Earth a better place.

This is Khaled Khatib, a True Canadian Hero. Please travel through this website and you will enjoy & be amazed as you witness this incredible journey unfolds in our beautiful country of Canada.

Thank You, with Kind Regards

The Step By Step Team (which includes a lot of us)


Khaled & Ashley during Register Now Ontario
She recently received a liver transplant 

Receiving  the Humanitarian Award 


The Dynamic Duo (2 Torch of Life Champions)
Kristopher Knowles & Khaled became best friends